Vancouver South

We've come a long way since 2015.

Together, we stood up against the Conservative Party’s discriminatory rhetoric and policies like the “Canadian Values Test.”

We reversed Stephen Harper’s policy of muzzling scientists and his party’s inaction on Climate Change.

We brought real change for Canadians by lowering taxes on the middle class and raised thousands of children out of poverty through the new Canada Child Benefit.

We introduced changes to immigration to make it easier for families to reunite with their loved ones.

For our environment, we introduced a number of policies including putting a national price on pollution, made crucial investments and enacted policies to protect our oceans, whales, salmon, and coastlines.

We’ve enhanced the Old Age Pension program and increased Canada Student Grants.

We’ve done all this together.

Now we have a clear choice in this election. Andrew Scheer and Wai Young want to take us back to the Harper years. Let’s not go back on the good things we’ve accomplished.

Let’s #ChooseForward.

Choose Forward for Vancouver South